About Anne


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Mission statement

I have been thinking, writing and researching the subject of sex and sexual relationships for most of my adult life. I’ve also had a lot of fun enjoying it. Becoming more knowledgeable has been wonderfully broadening. It means you get to know lots about just about every facet of being alive because sex is connected to everything. My technical interests have expanded to include human health, brain function, facial appearance, emotional survival (sexual relationships don’t always go well!) and several schools of psychology. Now that I’m older I want to help younger people make the most of the good times and survive the bad ones.

About Me

I am an author, journalist, broadcaster, partner – and mother to three grown sons. (For detailed professional information see my CV.) I gave up the struggle to decide which of these roles is most important and relaxed into acceptance that all are important – I’m lucky to have the choice. Priorities are: partner and three sons in equal measure. Also, in order to maintain emotional equilibrium, I must also have the facilities to write and earn a living. So life is a continual balance, a constant measure of the happiness of nearest and dearest versus the satisfaction of authorship and creative development. “Writing is not just about the joy of earning money. Writing, of any sort, offers such a spark of creativity that it compensates for the tough things in life. And of course life has been both tough and joyful.”

Tough Times

  • Going through a divorce
  • Bringing up two adored eldest sons a 10 minute walk away from my home (they lived with their father but spent large amounts of time with me),
  • Dealing with the usual and not so usual relationship wobbles during my 40 year (un)marriage to Phillip Hodson
  • Watching my beloved father die of cancer
  • Coping with my eldest child’s adult disability

Great Times

  • Falling in love
  • A deep sense of attachment for Phillip
  • The profound love felt for all three sons and the fun (although often test of endurance) of watching each grow up and develop,
  • Pure delight in my twin grandchildren – when they behave
  • The joys of seeing book after book published
  • The close and caring relationship with my mother after the death of my father
  • The warmth of acquiring a lovely daughter-in-law
  • Above all the realisation that wonderful friends bring the most important joys in life.
  • Reading. It’s vital (to me) for an alternative existence to family and work. It’s an escape, a passion, a tool of self-education, another way of life. As a child my father used to say if there were nothing else available, I would browse through the telephone directory.

Things I Am Proud Of

  • My three sons
  • My two nieces
  • My two grandkids
  • My first book The Body Electric, my great success The Ultimate Sex Guide and my recent book Sex: The Manual.
  • My foundation of a housing association (the New Swift) that provides low-cost homes for working parents.
  • The way I still manage to dredge new thoughts about love, sex and relationships out of my mind after writing on the subject for a total of over 50 books — quite an achievement
  • The solid basis of my love and friendship with Phillip
  • My past cats: Thames was an over-large pedigree puss – a silver-spotted British Shorthair. Blackcurrant was an ordinary mog, a loving and companionable female, the gift of my glamorous niece Victoria.
  • My amazing late 97 year-old-mother who still beat me at the crossword till she was 93. Thank God for good genes!