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Anne Hooper

Before the human body can generate sensual energy, it needs to be freed of every day tension. This is paradoxical since it is by tensing the body that we come to sexual arousal and climax.  But, to put it simply, it seems that there’s ‘good’ tension and ‘bad’ tension.  The stress of the day that has been carried around inside your frame, especially within the spine, counts as ‘bad’ tension.

The first back strokes therefore need to be firm ones which lift the tension up and away from the spinal column.  Once your partner feels relaxed, then the body begins to be receptive to the surface strokes which are more distinctly erotic in sensation.


Sitting by your partner’s side, place both hands on either side of the spine, just below the waistline, with fingers pointing sideways and down towards the hips.  Lean heavily on your hands, applying the pressure evenly and allowing the force of your body to move your hands apart and down, as slowly as possible.  They will slide apart.  Move your hands down the back slightly and repeat the same movement several times, moving from the waist down to the area just above the tail of the spine (coccyx) as many times as your partner wants.  The effect that your partner feels is of having the strain moved out of the spine and away through the sides of the body.


Repeat this stroke (described on the previous page) after doing the Weighting stroke.  The Glide is

another deep pressure move that shifts pressure away from the spine and out through the top of the body.


Press your thumbs into the indentations on either side of your partner’ spine starting at the neck and draw them slowly down until you reach the spinal base.  Repeat, varying the pressure.


In this reverse version of the spinal tap, push your thumbs firmly up on either side of the spine, drawing them from the base to the hairline.  Repeat, varying the pressure.


Kneel at the right-hand side of your partner, reach across with your left hand and slip your fingers under his or her body.  Pull up to lift the body slightly, then release it.  Slip your right hand under the other side and repeat the stroke.  Pull rhythmically, on left then right, to set the body into a rocking pattern.


Glide your hands down your partner’s body from the shoulders to the buttocks, then slip your hands under the hips and draw them up the underside of the body.  This will lift the body slightly.  Repeat once.

Once these pressure removal strokes have been carried out, the basic strokes outlined on the previous pages, can be used in a leisurely fashion,to tease the skin and lift energy levels.  Feel free to improvise and to respond to your partner’s indications of pleasure.  Don’t hesitate to repeat strokes that move them but just bear in mind that the slower the massage the more impact it has.


By the time you have spent twenty minutes on your partner’s back, they should be feeling pretty fired up.  It’s a good idea therefore to end a back massage with a routine that feels firm but also clears away some of the energy generated so far.  This allows your partner to lie comfortably on his/her back for the next part of the massage.

Kneeling at your partner’s side, place the backs of your forearms close together across the centre of his or her body.  Then very slowly spread your arms apart and turn them slightly inward.  By the time your arms have reached the neck and buttocks respectively, the fronts of your forearms should be in contact with your partner’s body.  When your arms meet the neck and buttocks, lift them off and repeat the stroke immediately.  On the third repetition, slow the movement right down and when you reach the end, lift your arms off as gently as possible and sit quietly.  Give your partner a little time to savour the experience so far, before asking them to gently turn over.