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Anne Hooper

Faced with a partner’s front, many newcomers to massage hesitate.  Men find themselves faced with the delicacy of whether or not to touch the breasts, both sexes  meet with the uncertainty of how to treat the genitals.  Anxiety creeps in.  Fortunately the necessity to take massage slowly means we gain the opportunity to get more comfortable.

The vulnerability of the rib cage means that deep level massage strokes are undesirable.  The personal vulnerability we experience as we lie on our backs exposed, means that it is imperative we do not feel we will be taken advantage of.  In practical terms massage must therefore be gentle; breast touch may only be carried out after permission has been sought and given; and for the moment at least, the genitals are excluded.

When these criteria are met, there are wonderful and amazing fingertip strokes waiting to bring the senses to life.  One of the best massages I ever had was when every single centimetre of my skin felt as if it were singing while I was crying out loud with pleasure.  These very delicate fingertip massages are skilful, poetic and most electrically creative.  The stirring of the skin beneath the whisper of fingers gives birth to sexual energy.


In back massage, circling is the basic stroke and the one used to link other strokes.  In front massage, the slide takes the place of circling and is the best stroke with which to begin. Kneel at your partner’s head and place your hands, palm down, on the chest, with the heels of your hands next to the armpits.  Then lean forward and slide your hands very slowly down over your partner’s body until you can reach no further; repeat two or three times. If your partner is female, reduce pressure when your finger slip over her breasts.


Americans will automatically exclude breast touching from massage, the French and German automatically include it and the English hover somewhere in between.  Personally speaking I think a front massage feels curiously incomplete if the breasts are left out – all lovers should feel free to include them.  But if you are massaging a friend, shortly before you intend to touch the chest,  ask permission – they’ll like you better for it.


Using cupped hands, gently rotate the breasts as fully as possible, moving them clockwise, anticlockwise, and in opposite directions.  If the partner massaged is male, beware of snagging chest hair between your fingers.  Sometimes an extra coating of oil helps.


Using the fingertips of both hands and starting at the collar bones, make tiny circles over the whole of the upper chest except the breasts.  This is a variation of effluerage which works in much the same way but includes, very lightly, the palms.  This is the best stroke of all for raising body energy.


Using mainly the fingers of one hand, massage the belly with small circles.  Work in a clockwise direction (the direction in which the colon runs) and when you have covered it in small circles, make a large circle around the outer rim of the belly. This can aid digestive processes and make you feel generally comfortable.  If your partner is one of those people whose belly is very ticklish, try making the moves slowly and firmly.  Don’t take your partner by surprise.


Vary the belly circling strokes by using the other hand as well.  Make semicircles with it from hip to hip, moving in the same direction as the first hand and lifting off every time the first hand comes around.


Continue clockwise circles with one hand, only this time twist the hand itself for part of its run so that you are then massaging with the back of the hand.


Slide your hands gently but firmly up your partner’s abdomen from groin to ribs.  Before you start, straddle yourself comfortably across your partner’s thighs.  Place both palms on your partner’s lower abdomen, with your fingers pointing towards his/her head.  Then push your hands (do not lean on them because your weight would be too much) slowly up the abdomen until your fingertips meet the ribcage, then bring your hand down around the side of the body, back towards you.  Repeat as desired.


To vary the slide, twist your hands so that their heels face outward and the fingertips meet at your partner’s middle.  Gently sweep these apart below the ribcage so that your fingertips trace the bottom ribs.

As with the back, feel free to repeat any strokes that work particularly well and use more surface strokes than deep layer ones since these generate higher energy levels.


If there is going to be any pause between back and front massage, cover your partner with warm towels, otherwise they will lose body heat quickly.