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Anne Hooper

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of warm hands on receptive body.  Touch nurtures to the point of giving life. Babies in orphanages gain the will to live when concerned carers caress and play with them.  Patients in comas recover more rapidly when regularly touched by nurses. And dead marriages return to life when subjected to a hands-on routine.

There’s a belief that the friction of hands on body creates energy.  It certainly creates heat which is a form of energy.  The sensation of touch is itself, profoundly satisfying but also if carried out sensually, very exciting.  If you visualise the body as a great sexual battery, capable of being regularly re-charged,  the hands are the primary fuelling catalyst. Which leads us directly to the art of massage.


The finger-tips are capable of creating overwhelming sensation.  But in order to obtain the maximum gain from the experience there are certain golden rules to be observed.  These are:

  • make sure the massage room remains consistently hot
  • ensure that the massage oil and your hands are warmed
  • ensure that you have uninterrupted privacy
  • massage on the floor (covered with towelling) or on a massage table – not on a bed
  • support the head with a low pillow
  • ensure that the massage oil smells attractive (baby oil and vegetable oil will not do)
    • make sure that your hands are scrupulously clean – dirt can hurt the skin
    • place a tissue box by the side of the massage area
    • pour a little of the oil into your hands and coat them before applying to your partner’s skin – do not, ever, drop oil on to their body
    • apply the oil with quick, firm strokes
    • once you have begun the massage proper, deliberately slow down all strokes
    • once you have begun the massage proper, never lose touch again until the end of the massage – even if you need to apply more oil