Phillip Hodson

My partner of the last 30 years, Phillip Hodson is a journalist, author, broadcaster, psychotherapist. Details of his life and work are available at:


Barnaby Levy

My eldest son Barnaby Levy is the founder of a PR company specialising in broadcast, publishing media and the hotel business. He became public relations officer for Ataxia UK, the charity for people suffering from Ataxia, a condition that affects balance and co-ordination until his own affliction with the illness prevented him from further full-time working.

Joel Levy

My second son Joel Levy is a freelance author and editor. He has written over 30 top titles including A Natural History of an Unnatural World, KISS Guide to the Unexplained, Freudian Slips, Newton’s Notebook, The Doomsday Book and History’s Worst Battles. He specialises in writing on popular psychology, biology, sex and the supernatural. His e-mail address for commissions is:

Alex Hooper-Hodson

My youngest son Alex Hooper-Hodson is based in Brighton. He is also an author and regular contributor to national newspapers. You can currently find him working as the teen advice columnist for the Daily Record newspaper.


Previously he worked as the agony uncle of the magazine Sugar from 2004 until its demise in 2010. He has written three books on the subject of teen puberty. These are called ‘The Boy Files’, ’52 Teen Boy Problems and How to Solve Them’ and ’52 Teen Girl Problems and How to Solve Them’. He has also worked as a project manager for American Express and currently works in web design and SEO – he kindly built this site for me. For more info on Alex Hooper-Hodson visit or or if you’re interested in web design or SEO visit

Victoria Hooper-Duckham

My niece Victoria Hooper-Duckham is a freelance book and magazine illustrator and also a lecturer in Art and Design.” To see specimens of her work go to: