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Anne Hooper

Alfred Adler described Intimacy as a key life task!  Intimate relationships can be both the source of our greatest joy and our deepest distress.  Paradoxically it can be with the people to whom we are most attached that we find it hardest to maintain intimacy.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • provide a basic introduction to John Bowlby’s theory of attachment
    • explore ways in which his ideas can enhance our personal understanding of Intimacy
    • start exploring ways in which the concept of attachment can enrich our work with clients

    • Learner outcomes:  Participants will have an opportunity to begin to re-evaluate their own issues in relation to Intimacy, within a secure group environment, by using:
    • shared reflective exercises
    • specifically focussed early memories

    Training style:

    Trainer:  Alison Still is an accredited Adlerian Counsellor and BAC accredited Counselling Skills trainer.  She works as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer in Cambridge.