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Anne Hooper

The Taoist belief is that prolonged intercourse is desirable because it ensures that the sexual batteries are re-charged.  But sometimes the sheer excitement of all that wonderful feeling coursing through the body, as every inch of you touches and rubs against every inch of your partner, proves too much.  Regardless of your desires or of  your ‘higher’ feelings, a sensational sex session comes to an end for perfectly delightful reasons.

This is what the Taoists invented the Jen-Mo exercise for.  All men understand how to ejaculate, but in Taoist sex practice the man ‘injaculates’.  By pressing the Jen-Mo point – an acupressure point on the perineum, halfway between the anus and the scrotum – the ejaculation can, say the Taoists, be reversed and the semen recycled into the bloodstream and reabsorbed.  The man still feels pleasurable sensations and these are, in fact, greatly accentuated since the pressure means that the orgasms happen in very slow spasms and so may continue for as long as five minutes.  Or so say the great Tao masters.  I have to come clean here and say that I don’t actually know anyone who has achieved this.  But I keep an open mind.

Although the injaculator still experiences orgasm, he can retain his erection or can regain it quickly, say the sages, allowing him to continue intercourse for far longer.  I can see similarities here to some of the Western methods of halting ejaculation.  By pulling the testicles down at the point of no return, for example, men certainly can and do stop the expulsion of fluid.

Pressing the Jen-Mo point is easy.  Simply reach out behind you, at the appropriate moment, and press so that the seminal fluid is not allowed to travel through the urethra.  You may like to practise this in private first.  The pressure should be neither too firm nor too soft.  If you apply the pressure too close to the anus, the move won’t work.  If you press too close to the scrotum, the semen will go into the bladder, rather than the bloodstream and make your urine cloudy when you urinate.  Do not try injaculation if you have a prostate infection.

You may find that for a short time after this experience you lose your erection.  However, some special stimulation, either by yourself or your partner, will allow you to regain it and carry on with the energising.

Last word.  Despite the ancient beliefs that expulsion of bodily fluids means the loss of energy, I happen to believe that constantly building up sexual tension and then giving it nowhere to go, is bad for you.  In my book, sexual tension amounts to bodily energy and energy needs a point of dispersal.  So don’t go on for too long.  And do allow yourself to climax.  Apart from your own lack of full satisfaction, choosing not to ejaculate feels to a partner an act of withholding.  Creating relationship problems is not part of sexual enjoyment.