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The idea that our bodies can generate sexual energy is an exciting concept.  My Sexual Energy pack (originally published by Dorling Kindersley) tried to put the reader in touch with physical and mental disciplines that allow them to feel energised in general and specifically sexually empowered.

The accompanying booklet offered a variety of methods of practising this approach while the tape offered a step by step relaxation and energising massage routine. The erotic massage kit consisted of a variety of sensual fabrics with instructions of how to use them to maximum sensual effect during a hands-on power massage.

The concept that every human being generates energy and that much of this is sexual is not new.  It’s a belief that’s at the source of tantric philosophy and is subscribed to in present times by exponents of bio-energetics.  It is even possible, by virtue of Kirlian photography to actually photograph an object so that its aura becomes apparent, an aura  that many believe demonstrates energy.  This Sexual Energy Pack is focused therefore on nurturing, generating and revelling in such energy.



The following chapters focus on basic bio-energetic exercises with special reference to those to put us in touch with the very special energy that vibrates in and around the pelvic area. This will include exercises to deliberately energise our legs,  thighs, and genital region.  Starting point is relaxation.  Building up sexual energy depends on physical stress but on a mentally relaxed state.  So we begin with a classic relaxation exercise. 3 spreads  The second part of this section consists of  bio-energetic  exercises to promote tension in the lower half of the body.   4 spreads  (This will be the subject of the first side of the audiotape.)


Skin electricity – raising your body’s electrical charge through sensual massage.  Specific techniques for arousing the body’s erotic power points, plus a special energy skim for defusing the body’s sexual build-up (if that’s what you want).  The second side of the tape therefore will talk listeners through a sexual energy massage.  5 spreads


Eastern disciplines that tap into sexual energy, most notably tantric sex. Discussion of the philosophy – outline of some simple tantric routines which promote a sense of well-being.  The sexual exercises allow time for thought as well as for sensuality.  5 spreads


Sex positions that allow maximum skin stimulation.  5 spreads


Sexual activities for older or less fit people that conserve energy while offering maximum erotic stimulation.  4 spreads


These are guided fantasies for one partner to read slowly out loud while the other, with closed eyes visualises the content.  2 spreads


 You might like to consult:

The Ultimate Sexual Touch for massage reference, including the energy skim

The Ultimate Sex Guide for Tantric sex routines

See the enclosed copy of bio-energetic exercises from previous book (not published by DK).


The homework for Week One includes a large proportion of bio-energetic exercises designed to re-awaken the energy flow around the pelvic area and to teach us how to generate tension there.


The advice, given for years by GPs faced with female patients complaining of lack of orgasm, has been to relax.  And although feeling relaxed when beginning to make love can be nice, it is not vital.  What is vital is that when approaching climax the pelvic area is tensed.  It is by building up tension, and therefore energy, that a reflex action, like a sneeze occurs, which releases that energy.  Name of this reflex?  Orgasm.  So, if you consciously relax when hoping for a climax, you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

Rather, exaggerate that tension, arch your back, push your pelvis up into the air, breathe in short breaths (level C of psychoprophylaxis training, a method of natural childbirth), tense your knees and thighs, wriggle and jiggle your genitals.


Bio-energetics is a new therapy that uses understanding of the body to heal the problems of the mind.  By direct body work, using bio-energetic exercises, muscular tensions can be dissolved, leaving an increased physical and mental feeling of well-being.

Start with a relaxation exercise.  Lie flat on your back on the floor (not a bed).  Breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.  As you continue it may help to let the breath out with a slight exaggeration (eg. say ‘her’ on the out-breath).  After a couple of minutes start noticing, while you continue with the breathing, which parts of your body remain tense.  Try to consciously relax them.  Begin at the tip of the right foot and work your way up the right leg, relaxing any part of it that may be tense.  When you reach the top, go back down to the left foot and come up that leg.  Once you reach the abdomen, work your way up to your neck, relaxing as you go along.  Then the right arm, next the left arm, ending up with the neck and the head.  A good way to relax tense spots is to exaggerate that tension for a minute, by clenching the muscle, then letting go.  Spend 15

1.    minutes on doing this.  When you have  finished this exercise and after any other which involves lying on your back, make sure you do not sit up immediately, but take your time about it.  In order to avoid letting the blood rush unpleasantly from your head, don’t sit up with a jerk, but rather roll over on to your stomach and get up while facing the ground.  This is a calmer and more peaceful method by which to rise.

2.    Grounding.  Stand with the feet firmly about 18 inches apart, with the toes pointing in towards each other and the knees slightly bent, fists pressing into the back, just above the waist.  On an in-breath let the head fall back and at the same time press the heels firmly down on to the ground.  Don’t let up this heel pressing.  Hold this stance for as long as your neck and legs can bear it  (breathing, incidentally throughout) and when the time comes to stand up, do so on an in-breath.  Once up, on the out-breath, let the top half of the body fall forward so that the tips of the hands are nearly touching the ground.  And hold this, while still grounding those heels constantly.  After a couple of minutes, stand up and relax.  You should, after carrying out the exercise a couple of times, start to feel a vibration in the tops of the legs.  When you begin to be aware of this, you know the exercise has worked.  The vibration signals the release of the energy flow


Pelvic lift.  Lying on your back, draw up your knees so that your feet are squarely on the ground.  Arms are along your side, palms down.  Push up your bottom and arch your back so that they are right off the

3.    ground.  Your body should only be touching the ground at the feet and from the shoulders upwards.  You are actually resting on your shoulders.  Hold this for a couple of minutes, then let your body down again.

4.    Pelvic rock.  Lying on your back, palms down and legs flat, on an in-breath, arch your back (keeping your bottom on the ground) and let your pelvis fall away from the direction of your head.  On an out-breath, press your spine to the ground and pull your pelvis towards the direction of your head.  By doing these two movements on the in-out of each breath you will be awe that you are rocking your pelvis backwards and forwards.

5.    Squatting.  This involves squatting on the ground, with your arms inside your legs, and your heels on the floor.  Since most of us are not rubber-limbed contortionists, it may be advisable to cheat at the exercise to begin with, by putting a book beneath your heels.  (Preferably a large one.)  Hold on to something if you need to keep your balance.  The object is to open up and relax the genital area while maintaining rhythmical breathing.  Do for three minutes.

6.    Pelvic circling.  Stand move your hips in a circle forward, side, back, side around and around as though you are a hula dancer.  Become aware of how you are breathing and ensure that, as with all the other exercises, you breathe evenly and rhythmically while you circle.