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Anne Hooper

Skin upon skin creates sensations of wallowing in sensuality; some of the very best impressions of love-making can be when one’s full body is pressed against the other.  But as a lead in to such all-immersion scenarios, here are some of the more athletic love positions where she, feeling strong, builds up body tension.  Positions that are especially effective are those where tension is centred around the pelvis and gained through thoroughly tantalising each other in upright sex manoeuvres.


The tempo of sexual intercourse gathers new shape when the woman takes over.  Not only may she better ensure her own stimulation but she may also allow lovemaking take on new directions that pleasure her partner.  One way in which she can tease her man to helpless desire is to promise intercourse but then withhold it up until the very last moment, drawing away from him even as she allows the head of his penis to slip inside.  Where her own eroticism is concerned, the woman-on-top position allows her clitoris to get the attention it deserves through the subtle control of her well-positioned thrusting.